Using LinkedIn to Generate Alumni Story Ideas: Part 1

Dana's Creative Services, Dana McCullough, Freelance Writer and Editor

Finding alumni success stories to share in alumni magazines, online news stories, and recruitment marketing materials can sometimes seem like a daunting task for college communications professionals. But with all the social media tools at your disposal, it’s never been easier to find out what alumni are doing.

The next time you’re asked to find alumni story ideas turn to LinkedIn first. On LinkedIn, you can see aggregate data on companies that hire the most alumni from your school, and you can search by your college name to find alums and check out what they’re doing today. Here’s how.


LinkedIn LinkedIn alumni search results

Step 1: Log in to LinkedIn and click on Advanced Search. The Advanced Search box will give you several options of information to enter. In the School box, enter your college’s name.

Step 2: The default results will show you people from…

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3 Tips for Freelance Beginners – From One Newbie to Another

I was once a beginner, that was when the world was fresh and new. I’m since a seasoned pro, like the smog that gets into the air I have been seasoned.


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So, you’re new to the game. I’m new the game. If that’s the case, I’d like to welcome to you on your journey to becoming a freelancer!

Let’s be real; it’s going to be difficult, and frustrating, and scary. But it’s also exciting – writing or designing for pay. What could be better, am I right? (Don’t answer that if it takes away from this article – I’m kidding. Mostly.)

But starting out everything seems so optimistic. Until you do some research about being a beginning freelancer and then suddenly, not everything is so rosy. At least that was the case with me.

We want to write or design or code or whatever it is you’re interested in, for pay. But not pennies. Not for sketchy clients that give us anxiety instead of dollars. That’s the goal – it is for me anyway.

So, as one newbie…

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Psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry in fiction

Vicky Newham

In view of #psywrite starting tonight on Twitter, hosted by @rosieclaverton and myself, I thought I’d add to Rosie’s blogpost and outline what psychology involves and how it differs from psychotherapy and psychiatry.

Psychology is the scientific study of human thought, emotion and behaviour. I did a 4 year BSc at Birkbeck College, London. We studied Research Methods and statistics each year. Other modules covered memory, perception, attention, developmental psychology, family studies, psychoanalysis, cognition and emotion, abnormal psychology, language development, social psychology, brain and behaviour, parapsychology and pseudoscience, and animal learning theory. Birkbeck has a reputation for excellent research and so my degree was very science-y, which I loved. When studying abnormal psychology, for example, we learnt about psychological explanations of disorders and biochemical and neuro-anatomical ones. This is how it should be and is how many of the A-level specifications work too.

I realised quickly when I first started…

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Welcome Me Back

That’s right we are back, for the longest time this little blog has been sitting still waiting for me to type. I decided that I will make sure you can work from home and provide you with the most up to date and relevant ways to make money.

Making money from home requires:

1. Discipline



4.Hard Work


Welcome back.

Can You Survive Working From Home?

Okay, there are a ton of people out there that just think working from home is a fantasy or something that you cannot do. They got caught, in the scams that is. I am here to tell you that you can make money working from home-but here is the hitch-it’s not easy. That’s right it’s hard extremely hard. Especially if you are like me, I have three kids-and still have not finished my Masters Degree. It’s an endless slope of “to-do’s”. Do I feel like this job is worth it? Sometimes, other times when I see all of these others, working for someone else getting that steady paycheck, the 401K and of course the benefits I’m like “what am I doing?”


Listen, I’m not crazy just different. You can make money working from home. The title of this little eBook is not a lie. So, if you are thinking about working from home you have to remember a few minor things. You have to plan on loosing your mind, ignore what other people think-they are not the ones dedicating themselves to a life of hardship and of course, working on your own content is key.


Market yourself endlessly, that’s the first key and will be explored in the chapter entitled “Yoda’s Knowledge” and if you think that’s cool then you should check out my websites and


Yeah, you do need to dedicate yourself to working even when there are holidays, and even giving up things that you used to love. At this point you need to look at it in the long term as my husband once said. He works for other people, and I have seen the difference int eh paychecks. It’s simple you work for yourself form home and make your own profit and be in charge of your destiny or you work for someone else who makes 90% of the profit and squeezes out a few drops of blood to keep you quiet.


Working from home is not for everyone****HUGE DISCLAIMER THERE*****


Oh, and it’s not for mommys only-What a joke!


In fact, the most successful WAH people in the field are men, solo entrepreneurs who are at it daily. The secret to their success? I’ll share that with you soon. But, in the meantime digest this-you can make money from home and make it your mantra.


When you should not give up…

There are times in any entrepreneurs life when things don’t go the way they expected them too.

1. Clients are ignoring requests for payment.

2. People are hounding for work.

3. The bills are pilling up.

and the list goes on.

It feels like it is time to throw in the towel doesn’t it. Well at that point you have to stop letting those “I can’t do this anymore” thoughts fly in one ear and out the other.

Get back on your horse and ride it till till it dies! You are the one in control of your business. For that very idea you have to keep going. Do not let yourself be deemed a failure.

Today your challenge:
Finish something

The Latest Update

Thanks for sticking around, soon we will be back up and running and with a whole new website.

Look for it soon!!!


The Power of Opening Sentences

Great advice

Maggie Madly Writing

In the publishing world, your opening sentence can make or break your work. You’re not supposed to state the obvious or write a long run-on sentence that tries to cram in the essence of whatever your piece is about. The opening sentence should pique your curiosity and make you want to keep reading in hopes that your questions about the story will all be answered and wrapped up by the end.

I read this recent article in The Atlantic, and in it, Stephen King is quoted as saying, “But for me, a good opening sentence really begins with voice.” Even if you’re not writing something in first person, the voice should be strong enough to attach the reader to the character and draw the reader in. Sometimes a character’s voice is so powerful that the story almost comes in second — I know that’s been the case for me. I…

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Getting paid to write articles…

This is the whole reason I created the site. I want to show you how to make money writing. A well said article.

Falling Asleep At The Wheel

Why are you reading this? Well, I know. It’s because you are looking for something better. Writing used to be a hard life. It had a hard rap. But with time and computers we can access gigs and jobs across the globe we can work with people in India while we sit here comfortable sipping tea on EST. 

But don’t get too comfy it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

You cannot get lazy. When you work on your own this is a trap and you will notice it.

Getting lazy Symptom Checker

Feeling of the overwhelming “ill do it tomorrow

Looking at your pimple in the mirror for an hour

Searching pinterest for great ideas 

Looking at your enemies posts on Facebook

So are you doing this? While you are playing around you are loosing jobs. While you are playing you are making clients angry. 

Get a grip right now and start seriously working on your job. You need to do that. I’m here to help

Sign up now and see where you can go in the future.